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5 Great Taxi Apps

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When you need to order a taxi, whether it’s to get to the airport, or to get home after an evening out – you no longer need to stand on the street corner or even call the taxi firm.

There are now several apps on the market that make ordering a taxi extremely quick and convenient. While the market is still relatively young, there are already some fantastic taxi apps available to try out. Below are five of the best.


Uber is easily the most well-known and widely available taxi app on the market and is available in some 48 countries. It’s incredibly easy to use – you simply book a taxi through the app when you need one. There’s no pre-booking option but this isn’t what Uber advertises itself as.

Another thing that makes Uber extremely convenient is that it lets you know what the journey will cost beforehand and you simply through the app – meaning you don’t have to worry about having the right amount of cash to pay the driver.

Also if you happen to leave something in the taxi then you can also message the driver to let them know.


Gett is an app for booking black cabs that’s available in 32 cities across the world. It allows you to request a taxi and then track where it is in real time. Like Uber – Gett enables you to pay for your journey through the app itself.

Gett only works with TfL regulated black cabs and meets up with every driver that signs up for their service to provide training to ensure passenger safety.

You can get credit to use with the service by recommending it to friends. You get £10 credit for every friend recommended who uses the service. It’s currently available in several major UK cities including London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow.


Hailo is another excellent option for booking taxis. It works in a very similar way to Uber in that you simply select a pickup location and driver and then the taxi is sent to you immediately.

There is the ability to track the route of your taxi when it’s on the way but you’ll be informed when it arrives by the app anyhow.

Hailo is available in selected cities in the UK and nationwide in Ireland and Singapore. It’s also available in Spain’s two busiest cities – Madrid and Barcelona.


CabWise is somewhat different to the apps above in that it doesn’t allow to book taxis through the app. Instead it simply lets you know of the nearest licensed minicab office.

This might sound like quite a basic thing but it’s actually an extremely useful way to ensure that the minicab that you’re getting in is from a licensed office and the driver is licensed and insured.


Kabbee provides a very similar similar to CabWise except it comes with the bonus of sorting the local minicab offices based on criteria such as fare rates, ratings, types of vehicles and punctuality. This makes it an excellent way to save money and pick the right service when you’re in an area you’re not familiar with.

Kabbee is currently only available in London.

If you considering working as a driver you will need to ensure that the correct public hire or private hire insurance is taken out. When carrying passenger for reward, normal car insurance isnt suitable (thank you to for info).


Fleet rebrands: how to ensure a livery programme is successful

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Vehicle advertising is proven to be hugely cost effective for a business in attracting customers, but there are ‘golden rules’ to observe in ensuring fleet graphics are a marketing winner.

A clearly liveried fleet of commercial vehicles raises a company’s identity, boosts their marketplace profile and is calculated to generate a significant number of inquiries with industry research suggesting that more than 3,000 people per hour see a liveried vehicle operating in a busy area.

However, commercial

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Loomis extends existing Mercedes-Benz service contracts

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Cash-in-transit specialist Loomis has signed a service contract deal with Mercedes-Benz for its additional 105 used Sprinters.

The deal provides Loomis with fixed costs, as well as round-the-clock repair and maintenance back-up including MobiloVan roadside assistance.

The additional vehicles joined the company’s existing fleet, of more than 400 Sprinters, last year as part of an acquisition deal. Crucially, the new contract covers the vehicles inherited by Loomis until they are eight years old. The same is true

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Steel supplier Shawston signs full-service contract hire deal with Asset Alliance

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Asset Alliance has secured its first order from steel piping supplier Shawston, placing three vehicles on a five-year full-service contract hire agreement.

Two 7.5-tonne DAF LF 150 dropsides and a Ford Transit van will operate from the company’s site in High Wycombe, delivering a range of steel piping products to building sites across London, and on occasion as far as the West Midlands and Dorset.

The steel supplier expects the new trucks to cover up to 28,000

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Urgent action needed to address driver shortage, say MPs

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MPs on the Transport Committee warn that current thinking is not sufficiently targeted or wide-reaching to deliver drivers fast enough to address the shortage, deal with future growth, or cope with the ageing profile of drivers likely to retire in the next ten years.

Haulage associations estimate a current shortfall of 45,000–60,000 drivers, with another 40,000 due to leave the industry by 2017.

Chair of the Transport Committee, Louise Ellman, said: “This is not a new challenge. The

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Volkswagen reveals all-new Crafter

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Volkswagen has revealed the first images of the all-new Crafter van, which will go on sale in the first quarter of next year, with orders opening in November.

The manufacturer says that when designing and engineering the all-new Crafter its objective was to produce a van from the customer’s perspective.

In order to achieve this, engineers from Volkswagen accompanied vehicle users from key customer groups, including couriers, construction workers and long distance drivers on their rounds during

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Starting a Business in the Motor Trade

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If you enjoy working with cars then you might be considering setting up your own business in the motor trade. The great thing about working in the motor trade is that there are a lot of different paths to choose. Some common businesses in the motor trade include –

  • Car showrooms
  • Car auctions
  • Valeting services
  • MOT centres
  • Mechanics
  • Auto electricians
  • Delivery agents
  • Accessory fitters
  • Vehicle importers

These are just some of the businesses you could set up in the motor trade. In order to help you get started, below are some of the most important things to consider when setting up a new business.


Thinking about the type of premises you’ll need is extremely important. Some businesses will require much larger premises than others. For example, a car auction will typically need a very large plot of land, while you could set up a car showroom on much more modest premises.

When thinking about the premises, it’s not just size you need to consider though. Location is also extremely important. The location of your premises could have a big impact on how well your business performs. For businesses that rely on a good amount of foot traffic, such as showrooms and valeting services, you’ll want to find a place that has good visibility.

Another key decision to make where premises are concerned is whether you’re going to rent or buy. For most new starters in the motor trade, it’s much better to rent until you’re fully confident that you’re happy with the premises.


Staff is another key consideration when setting up a new business in the motor trade. Different types of businesses require different skills. Ideally you’ll be starting a business that you have personal experience in so you can easily identify and hire the right people.

Motor trade insurance

The minimum requirements for getting a motor trade insurance policy are as follows –

  • You must hold a full UK driver’s licence
  • You must be at least 21 years of age
  • You must be able to prove that you work in the motor trade

Types of cover you can get include –

  • Third party – A third party policy will provide enough protection so you and your staff can drive customer vehicles legally. It’s important to note that your vehicles wouldn’t be covered unless a third party was to blame for

the collision.

  • Third party, fire & theft – If want to add extra protection to a third party policy then this is a good option. If any of your vehicles are stolen or damaged by fire then you’d be compensated.
  • Comprehensive – Comprehensive insurance will provide the best level of protection and will cover customer vehicles for all types of collisions, even when you or your staff are liable for them.

Combined policy – A combined policy is an excellent choice when you work in the motor trade. It will not only provide full protection for customer and company vehicles but also cover your premises for theft and vandalism. Stock, tools and cash can

Shop around for your motor trade insurance ( is a good place to start and they can provide quotes for full time and part time motor traders)

TIP Trailer Services opts for Renault Master

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TIP Trailer Services has added 17 Renault Masters to its mobile maintenance fleet, bringing the total number to 58.

The latest Masters will enable TIP’s technicians to provide a number of services to its nationwide customer base, including pre-MOT inspections, tyre servicing, diagnostic checks, preventative maintenance and the rectification of common trailer faults.

Ordered in long wheelbase, high-roof (LH35) specification, TIP’s latest Renault Masters replace a number of older vehicles but also extend the business’ mobile maintenance fleet in

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Conversion market grows alongside new van registrations

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Demand for van conversions is soaring as the number of vans on UK roads continues to increase with May being a record-breaking month for new registrations of light commercial vehicles.

There are now more than four-million vans on our roads, with new registrations rising 2.9% for the year running up…

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Fleet operators face ‘legislation nightmare’ over van and truck weight categorisation

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LCV operators risk a “legislation minefield” when ordering Euro 6-compliant vehicles that could be transformed into ‘heavy duty’ vehicles following conversion.

Vans with a gross vehicle weight up to 3,500kg fall into vehicle category N1, which is subsequently split into three classes: class I, up to a maximum of 1,305kg;…

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Find out what Brexit means for road transport sector

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The FTA’s James Hookham is to identify key ‘crunch issues’ for British logistics as the country prepares to leave the European Single Market at Commercial Fleet Van and Truck event.

At the event, on September 21, Hookham will put key issues under the microscope.

Hookham said: “Businesses across the UK are asking ‘what are the implications of Brexit for my transport operations and my supply chains?’  FTA has compiled an ABC list of issues that will be its priorities as the negotiations get under way…

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