Things That Affect the Cost of Minibus Insurance

If you want to save money on minibus insurance then it's incredibly useful to know what factors affect cost. This way you can make adjustments where possible in order to reduce the cost of your policy.

Below are some of the main things that affect the cost of minibus insurance policy -

How you use your minibus

How you plan to use your minibus will impact the level of cover you require and therefore how much you pay.

If you're minibus is purely for personal/domestic use then you are able to get a third party only policy, helping you to save money while still keeping your vehicle road legal. If you want to use your minibus to make money then you'll need to get a higher level of cover, including public liability insurance.

Note: You'll also need to ensure you have the correct type of licence if you're driving your minibus for hire or reward.

Who you get your policy from

The insurance provider you get your policy from will of course affect how much your cover costs too. The good news is that it's very easy to get minibus insurance quotes now thanks to sites such asĀ Clean Green Compare Minibus insurance.

Your age

Your age is another thing that will affect how much you pay for minibus insurance. You'll need to be at least 21 years of age to be able to legally drive a minibus and unfortunately the younger you are, the more you can expect to pay for cover. This is because younger, more inexperienced drivers are more likely to be involved in incidents that result in a claim.

The value of your minibus

The value of your minibus is certainly something insurance providers will take into account when coming up with a price for your cover. As you would expect, the more your minibus is worth the more you can expect to pay for cover, particularly if you take a comprehensive policy.

The size of your minibus

The size of your minibus affects cost too. The larger your minibus is the more your cover will generally cost. This being the case if you want to save money then a smaller 9 seater minibus would be the best option.

How you pay for your policy

Most people chose to pay for their insurance monthly to help spread the cost but it's possible to get a significant discount by paying annually instead.