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When you start a new business it's fundamental that you know how to market it in the right way. Knowing how to market your business well can easily be the difference between success and failure, particularly with a new business.

With so many different methods of marketing now available to business owners, it can be difficult to know where to put your attention. Below are some of the main types of marketing you can use for your business and how to take advantage of them properly.

Use social media the right way

A lot of business owners are vaguely aware of how useful social media can be for marketing purposes without really having a grasp of how to use it effectively. One of the most important aspects of using social media to successfully market your business is knowing the right platforms to use and

The primary purpose of social media sites, whether it's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, sharing content. A lot of business owners forget this and simply see them as a platform to relentlessly push their products and services. Of course you do want to post about what it is that your business is offering sometimes but the key is to strike a balance between providing useful, shareable content and informing people of your products/services.

Don't dismiss real world marketing

Because there's so much focus on online marketing these days, it's easy to dismiss more traditional forms of advertising, such as leaflet marketing, print ads and billboards as being outdated. This couldn't be further from the truth. Depending on the type of business you run, real world advertising might actually be more beneficial than online marketing.

When thinking about how to use real world marketing for your business, you should think about the types of customers you want to reach and where to advertise for maximum impact. For example if you run a business selling computer supplies then a reputable PC or computing magazine would be a great place to run an ad.

Make sure your site is SEO optimized

Something that is easy to overlook since it isn't necessarily always considered a direct form of marketing is making your website SEO optimized. Search engine optimization might not be as direct when compared to other forms of marketing but it can make a huge difference to the amount of people who find your business through search engines. You should find out what keyword phrases your target customers are using to search for your products/services and make your pages optimized around these phrases.… Read more

Buying and selling online is one of the best ways that you can get started working for yourself. With sites such as eBay and Amazon to sell through, the barrier to entry is very low.

Online shopping is already huge business in the UK and it's only going to get bigger over the next few years. However to have success selling online, you have to find a good niche

Below are 5 of the best niches to sell in right now.

1. Electronics

Electronics are more popular now than they've ever been. With the huge surge in popularity of smart phones and tablets over the last 10 years, there is a massive potential customer base to tap into.

Selling high end products, such as iPhones or iPads might not be possible if you're new to buying and selling online. However there are many lower end and unbranded products you can sell and make an excellent profit from.

2. Pet products

There's no doubt that people in the UK love their pets. You can take advantage of this by entering the pet products industry. The great thing about selling pet products is that there's a lot of diversity in the products you can sell.

You can start out selling small accessories for hamster cages or aquariums and then move up to larger items such as dog beds or even horse trailers and horse boxes.

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3. Phone accessories

With mobile phones now everywhere, there's a great opportunity to make money by selling accessories such as cases, covers, headphones, screen protectors etc.

Do your research and find out what the most popular phone models are so you can stock products that are most likely to sell.

4. Novelty gifts

The novelty gift market is growing all the time in the UK. The downside to selling in this niche is that it can be quiet fickle, with the popularity of products waning very quickly.

The flipside to this though, is that you can make plenty of money very quickly providing you have your finger on the pulse and know what it is that people are looking for.

5. Arts & crafts

Art and craft products are an excellent way to start making money selling online. Sites like YouTube and Pinterest have helped to spike a resurgence in the popularity of many types of arts and crafts so there's never been a better time to start selling products in this niche.… Read more

Letting property can be a great way to make a living, providing you get the fundamentals right. More people than ever are now renting rather than buying, whether out of choice or necessity so now is a great time to let property.

If you're currently letting property but feel you could be more successful at it, then below are 4 great ways to increase your income.

1. Diversify your property

Having multiple types of property is a very good way to increase your income as a landlord. Whilst apartment buildings are very practical since you can get income from multiple tenants, you shouldn't limit yourself only to them.

More obscure types of property, such as thatched roof houses can be a great way to attract new types of tenants. If you do invest in any thatched roof properties then you'll need to get a policy from a specialist provider. Sites such as make this process very quick and easy.

2. Offer furnished property

Offering furnished property might come with an initial investment but it means you're able to charge more rent too, which is beneficial in the long run.

You don't necessarily have to furnish your property with designer furniture or state of the art technology. Just basics such a dining table, sofa and beds can make a huge difference and help you to attract tenants more easily.

3. Get the best price for insurance possible

Sometimes the best way to increase your income is by cutting down on expenditure. One of the biggest outgoings for landlords is insurance. Landlord insurance can be costly but it is a must when you let out property.

Landlord is not difficult to find but there's a good chance you're overpaying for your insurance. If you suspect you could be getting a better deal then don't be afraid to contact other insurance providers to see what price they can offer you.

4. Be very selective with tenants

It might not be immediately obvious how being selective with tenants can increase your income as a landlord but if you deal with problem tenants then you'll certainly understand.

Tenants who can't/won't pay rent or refuse to leave your property can cause all sorts of problems for you and will certainly affect your income. To avoid this you should always take steps to ensure that the tenants you let your property are likely to be reliable paying rent and won't cause problems.… Read more

The courier industry is notoriously competitive and only the most efficient businesses survive. If you run a courier firm and feel like your business could be performing better then you should find the tips below extremely useful.

1. Use the internet to bring in new customers

Given how prevalent the internet has become, it's very surprising just how underutilised it is by a lot of businesses. There are countless ways you can advertise your courier firm online, from social media to paid advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. The great thing about advertising online is that you can be very specific with who you target so if you're trying to get more customers in a certain age range or area of the country then this is certainly possible.

2. Don't neglect real world advertising

As useful as online advertising is, there's still plenty to be said for real world advertising methods such as leaflet marketing and print advertisements. Print adverts in trade magazines and literature that's aimed at online sellers can be an excellent way to attract new customers.

3. Hire reliable drivers

Hiring reliable drivers can help you increase profits in a couple of ways. Firstly having reliable drivers that know how to deal with customers well will help to boost the reputation of your business and ultimately this could easily lead to a larger customer base and increased profits. Secondly, reliable drivers are less likely to be involved in collisions or other incidents and therefore you can save money on insurance.

4. Get a better deal on insurance

Another very reliable way to increase profits in your courier firm is to look for a better deal on insurance. There are many excellent sites where you can get courier insurance quotes from Clean Green Compare. Such sites make getting courier insurance quotes very quick and easy so there's no reason not to do this since it could save you a good deal of money.

5. Make your business stand out

There are many ways you can make your business stand out from the competition. Something as seemingly simple as a good business name can make a big difference to your success. Branding in general is something you should invest in if you want to make your business unique and appealing. In addition to this you should also ensure that you offer and excellent service that customers can rely on.… Read more