5 Great Taxi Apps

5 Great Taxi Apps

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Great Ways to Save Money on Courier Insurance

Great Ways to Save Money on Courier Insurance

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The Impact of Fraudulent Fleet Claims on Businesses   

The Impact of Fraudulent Fleet Claims on Businesses  

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Starting a Business in the Motor Trade

Starting a Business in the Motor Trade

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How Much Money Do You Have To Start A Business – Can you afford to leave the premises empty?

How Much Money Do You Have To Start A Business – Can you afford to leave the premises empty?

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Getting Started In The Motor Trade

Getting Started In The Motor Trade

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5 Great Niches for Buying & Selling Online

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The Realities of Working as a Courier

The Realities of Working as a Courier

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5 Ways to Increase Profits for Courier Firms

5 Ways to Increase Profits for Courier Firms

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Key Things to Consider When Starting a Trucking Business

Key Things to Consider When Starting a Trucking Business

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Working As a Van Driver When You Have a Conviction

Working As a Van Driver When You Have a Conviction

If you have a conviction, whether it’s for a motoring offence or something else, then you might think it’s impossible to get work and find affordable insurance. This isn’t necessarily true however. More »


Are You Thinking Of Opening Your Own Shop?

There are many people across the UK who open their own shop every year. This can be a risky venture since not every business succeeds but there are plenty that do and it can be a great way to make a living.

If you’re thinking of opening your own shop then below are some of the main things to think about in order to ensure your venture is a successful one. 

Things to consider

  • Type of shop – One of the most important decisions you have to make is the type of shop you’re going to open. You likely already have a good idea about this but if not, it’s the first thing you need to think about. You can open a general shop such as a newsagent but if you’re going to be selling a particular line of products then it’s always a good idea to sell things that you’re knowledgeable about.
  • Location – The location of your shop is extremely important. It’s never a good idea to try and save money on rent by choosing a location that’s in a remote area since it will negatively affect your business in a big way. Always be sure to find out as much as you can about a location before you commit to it to avoid making a mistake.
  • Insurance – Insurance is another vital aspect of running your own shop. Shop insurance will protect your business for numerous risks, including structural damage to your building, business interruption, liability claims as well as contents, stock and cash. You can get shop insurance quotes online very easily now so this doesn’t need to be too much of a headache. It’s always recommended that you get quotes from several different insurance providers in order to save money.
  • Staff – Depending on the type of shop you decide to open, there’s a good chance you’ll need to hire at least one employee to help you run it on a day-to-day basis. Hiring staff can be daunting if you’ve never done it before so you should educate yourself on the subject of recruitment as much as possible.

4 Effective Ways to Increase Your Income As A Landlord

Letting property can be a great way to make a living, providing you get the fundamentals right. More people than ever are now renting rather than buying, whether out of choice or necessity so now is a great time to let property.

If you’re currently letting property but feel you could be more successful at it, then below are 4 great ways to increase your income.

1. Diversify your property

Having multiple types of property is a very good way to increase your income as a landlord. Whilst apartment buildings are very practical since you can get income from multiple tenants, you shouldn’t limit yourself only to them.

More obscure types of property, such as thatched roof houses can be a great way to attract new types of tenants. If you do invest in any thatched roof properties then you’ll need to get a policy from a specialist provider. Sites such as http://www.thatchedinsure.co.uk/ make this process very quick and easy.

2. Offer furnished property

Offering furnished property might come with an initial investment but it means you’re able to charge more rent too, which is beneficial in the long run.

You don’t necessarily have to furnish your property with designer furniture or state of the art technology. Just basics such a dining table, sofa and beds can make a huge difference and help you to attract tenants more easily.

3. Get the best price for insurance possible

Sometimes the best way to increase your income is by cutting down on expenditure. One of the biggest outgoings for landlords is insurance. Landlord insurance can be costly but it is a must when you let out property.

Landlord is not difficult to find but there’s a good chance you’re overpaying for your insurance. If you suspect you could be getting a better deal then don’t be afraid to contact other insurance providers to see what price they can offer you.

4. Be very selective with tenants

It might not be immediately obvious how being selective with tenants can increase your income as a landlord but if you deal with problem tenants then you’ll certainly understand.

Tenants who can’t/won’t pay rent or refuse to leave your property can cause all sorts of problems for you and will certainly affect your income. To avoid this you should always take steps to ensure that the tenants you let your property are likely to be reliable paying rent and won’t cause problems.

5 Ways to Increase Profits for Courier Firms

The courier industry is notoriously competitive and only the most efficient businesses survive. If you run a courier firm and feel like your business could be performing better then you should find the tips below extremely useful.

1. Use the internet to bring in new customers

Given how prevalent the internet has become, it’s very surprising just how underutilised it is by a lot of businesses. There are countless ways you can advertise your courier firm online, from social media to paid advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. The great thing about advertising online is that you can be very specific with who you target so if you’re trying to get more customers in a certain age range or area of the country then this is certainly possible.

2. Don’t neglect real world advertising

As useful as online advertising is, there’s still plenty to be said for real world advertising methods such as leaflet marketing and print advertisements. Print adverts in trade magazines and literature that’s aimed at online sellers can be an excellent way to attract new customers.

3. Hire reliable drivers

Hiring reliable drivers can help you increase profits in a couple of ways. Firstly having reliable drivers that know how to deal with customers well will help to boost the reputation of your business and ultimately this could easily lead to a larger customer base and increased profits. Secondly, reliable drivers are less likely to be involved in collisions or other incidents and therefore you can save money on insurance.

4. Get a better deal on insurance

Another very reliable way to increase profits in your courier firm is to look for a better deal on insurance. There are many excellent sites where you can get courier insurance quotes from Clean Green Compare. Such sites make getting courier insurance quotes very quick and easy so there’s no reason not to do this since it could save you a good deal of money.

5. Make your business stand out

There are many ways you can make your business stand out from the competition. Something as seemingly simple as a good business name can make a big difference to your success. Branding in general is something you should invest in if you want to make your business unique and appealing. In addition to this you should also ensure that you offer and excellent service that customers can rely on.

Things to Consider When Starting a Restaurant

You might have heard that the majority of restaurants fail in their first year. This fact alone is enough to put a lot of people off entering the industry. However in spite of this fact, there are still plenty of restaurants that thrive.

If you’re thinking of entering  industry and starting your own restaurant then below are some of the most important considerations to ensure your business is a success. 

  • Type of food to serve – One of the most fundamental decisions you have to make when starting your own restaurant is the type of food you’re going to serve. The vast majority of restaurants will have a selection of meat dishes in addition to at least one vegetarian/vegan option for each course. There’s a growing trend for more simple and unpretentious food in the UK right now so there’s nothing wrong with doing simple dishes very well.
  • Decor – The decor of your restaurant helps to set the atmosphere. Atmosphere is extremely important to people when they’re eating out so this is something you want to get right. If you’re not certain exactly what sort of look you want for your restaurant then don’t be afraid to hire an expert to help you with this.
  • Location – The location of your restaurant is another key factor. Restaurants rely on a good amount of foot traffic for business so you want to open a restaurant in a location that’s in a fairly densely populated area that’s convenient for people to get to by car, taxi, metro etc.
  • Insurance – Protecting your restaurant against risks such as business interruption, theft, structural damage, liability claims and loss of licence is a must. The way to do this is by getting a restaurant insurance policy from a specialist provider. Having a good insurance policy for your restaurant will enable you to run your business with full peace of mind and means that you’re prepared for the worst.
  • Staff – The staff you employ if your restaurant are going to play a huge role in whether it’s successful or not. For this reason you should be as selective as possible and only hire people who you’re certain will help your restaurant to thrive. The servers in your restaurant are of course important but you should also spend a lot of time finding the right restaurant manager and head chef.

Brexit Has Little Effect on Number of Recruitment Firms as 2016 Showed Record Numbers

Brexit dominated the headlines for a good portion of 2016, with many people worried about the negative impact it would have on many facets of day-to-day life. Business owners were amongst those who were worried about Brexit and although the full consequences of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union are yet to be felt; there have been reasons for optimism.

Figures obtained through a  Freedom of Information request from Companies House show that a record number of recruitment agencies were opened in 2016 in the UK. There were 4,529 recruitment agencies that opened between January and December 2016. This is a significant increase on the numbers from 2015, which were 13.7% lower (3,984).

The recruitment sector has grown significantly over the last 5 years and it is now worth £35.1 billion in the UK. This figure is even more impressive when you consider that in 2012/13 it was £26.5 billion. Positive trading conditions have helped the industry to thrive in the UK and things don’t look set to slow down in 2017.

Despite the incredible growth of recruitment firms in 2016, Brexit did have some effect. For example, the number of recruitment firms leading up to the vote was quite low. However after the decision to leave the EU had been announced, the number of recruitment firms being opened began to soar, with more than a thousand businesses being opened in July and August alone.

This number continued to rise towards the end of the year, with 1,315 new recruitment firms registered in November and December.

It’s still uncertain how much of an impact Brexit will have on recruitment firms and business as a whole in the UK, however these figures give reason for optimism going forward.


Small businesses in Scotland Lead The Way in Digital Skills

In 2017, digital skills aren’t a luxury for small businesses but a must. Almost every type of business can benefit from being able to use the internet to their advantage.

The most recent Bank of Scotland Business Digital Index found that Scotland is leading the way when it comes to digital skills, with fewer than a third of businesses there lacking the basic skills needed to get the most out of being online.

Despite the prevalence of the internet, there are still a surprising number of businesses that are resistant to embracing it. For example, in the UK, the average number of businesses that lack basic digital skills is at 38%. The only part of the UK that can rival Scotland in this regard is London, which also has roughly 30% of businesses that lack basic digital skills.

These numbers might seem surprising but there are reasons why some businesses are reluctant to fully embrace the internet. Cyber security, for example is one of the fastest rising reasons why small businesses don’t conduct more business online.

When it comes to cyber security, Scotland is also ahead of the rest of the UK, with 57% of Scottish businesses saying they need to invest in cyber security, compared to the UK average of 69%.

Head of accountants and business advisers BDO LLP in Scotland, Martin Gill had the following to say –

“British businesses are feeling pretty confident at the moment, helped by the impact of the currency depreciation on export competitiveness.

“There’s also a feeling out there that the world economy is picking up again as we go into 2017.

“Brexit may mean gloomy news in the press and, at times, chaos in government. But our business community is getting on with it on the basis that opportunities for growth are there to be grabbed.”


New Driver Study Reveals Britain’s Ten Worst Driving Habits

  • 17million UK drivers admit to road rage tendencies

Britain’s roads are rife with bad, and often dangerous, driving habits, that’s according to a study by business driving expert, The Fuelcard Company, which has identified the top ten driving faux pas being committed on the nation’s roads.

The study questioned 1,000 drivers across the UK and discovered that more than half of Brits (52%) have picked up some potentially dangerous driving habits, with the following found to be the most common:

  1. Going too fast (64%)
  2. Texting while driving (60%)
  3. Using the phone or hands-free (57%)
  4. Eating at the wheel (54%)
  5. Driving too close to other vehicles (52%)
  6. Throwing rubbish out of the window (51%)
  7. Going too slow (50%)
  8. Smoking behind the wheel (48%)
  9. Hogging the middle lane (47%)
  10. Checking phone notifications (46%)

Interestingly, more than a third of drivers claim to only practise these bad habits when they are in their car alone. However, despite confessing to exhibiting some of these bad behaviours, more than one-in-four (27%) of UK drivers claim to be the best driver they know and 37% say they are a better driver than their partner.

Social Snippet 1

The report also asked drivers about road rage with 38% admitting they felt they suffered from it, the DVLA currently lists 45.5 million drivers in Great Britain equating to 17million drivers suffering from road rage. Almost a third of the drivers said they had seen a vehicle being cut up, more than a fifth (20.2%) stated they had seen someone get out of a car to threaten another driver and worse still 7% had actually witnessed a car ‘ram’ another vehicle.

Other bad practices identified in the study include driving without shoes (13%), singing while driving (31%) and shockingly, committing sexual acts (8%). Ranging from the seemingly innocent to the downright dangerous, many of the behaviours uncovered are actually illegal too.

Richard Brown, Commercial Director at The Fuelcard Company said: “Driving is something us Brits do every single day and it’s certainly something which becomes second nature to us. Learning to drive and passing your test may seem like a lifetime ago, especially if you’re clocking a lot of hours behind the wheel during the working day, but picking up nasty habits could potentially have serious consequences. Whether you’re driving for personal or business reasons, bad habits can take a driver’s attention off the road meaning they can miss potential hazards.

“Some of the habits we identified seem relatively innocent, but we’d urge people to pay attention next time they’re behind the wheel to see exactly how many of these habits they’re guilty of without even realising it – they may be surprised. We’ve conducted this study to stress the importance of paying proper attention when you’re driving, to ultimately make sure our roads are a safe place to be.”

As part of this driver awareness campaign, The Fuelcard Company has also created a fun interactive online calculator which generates an individual’s driving statistics since they got their license and identifies their driving persona. Try it out here: www.fuelcards.co.uk/what-type-of-driver