The Biggest Factors That Affect The Cost of Car Insurance

The cost of car insurance is something that's seemingly increasing all the time. Knowing what factors affect the cost of car insurance can be very helpful when you're trying to save money. With this in mind below are some of the biggest ones.

Your age

Insurance providers consider your age to be one of the most important factors when calculating the cost of a car insurance policy. Younger people are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents and therefore more likely to make a claim. How likely you are to make a claim is one of the major factors that affects the cost of car insurance.

Your driving experience

Age isn't the only factor of course. Even if you're over 30, if you're a new driver then you can expect to pay more than somebody who has several years' worth of driving experience. Again this comes back to how likely you are to be involved in an incident that requires a claim.


Criminal convictions are another thing that can increase the price of your car insurance. In fact, depending on how serious your conviction was you might struggle to find cover from a mainstream provider.

For example if you want to get car insurance with a drink driving conviction then you'll expect to pay more for cover and may have to go to a specialist provider.

Also drug driving insurance can also be very expensive and insurance offences can also result in high insurance premiums due to the IN10 conviction incurred

The value of your car

The value of your car will certainly affect how much you pay for cover. It makes sense that more expensive cars will cost more to insure since your insurance provider will have to pay out the repair/replacement costs if your vehicle is damaged, stolen or written off.

Where you park

Where you park your car when it's not being used will affect the cost of car insurance too. Parking your car on a public street will mean your insurance costs more than if you were able to park in a garage or driveway. This is because your car is at more risk of being vandalized or stolen when parked on the street.

The insurance provider

The insurance provider you get your cover from will obviously be a big deciding factor in how much you pay too. Because of this, it's always recommended that you get as many quotes as possible if you want to save money on car insurance.