The cost of car insurance is something that's seemingly increasing all the time. Knowing what factors affect the cost of car insurance can be very helpful when you're trying to save money. With this in mind below are some of the biggest ones.

Your age

Insurance providers consider your age to be one of the most important factors when calculating the cost of a car insurance policy. Younger people are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents and therefore more likely to make a claim. How likely you are to make a claim is one of the major factors that affects the cost of car insurance.

Your driving experience

Age isn't the only factor of course. Even if you're over 30, if you're a new driver then you can expect to pay more than somebody who has several years' worth of driving experience. Again this comes back to how likely you are to be involved in an incident that requires a claim.


Criminal convictions are another thing that can increase the price of your car insurance. In fact, depending on how serious your conviction was you might struggle to find cover from a mainstream provider.

For example if you want to get car insurance with a drink driving conviction then you'll expect to pay more for cover and may have to go to a specialist provider.

Also drug driving insurance can also be very expensive and insurance offences can also result in high insurance premiums due to the IN10 conviction incurred

The value of your car

The value of your car will certainly affect how much you pay for cover. It makes sense that more expensive cars will cost more to insure since your insurance provider will have to pay out the repair/replacement costs if your vehicle is damaged, stolen or written off.

Where you park

Where you park your car when it's not being used will affect the cost of car insurance too. Parking your car on a public street will mean your insurance costs more than if you were able to park in a garage or driveway. This is because your car is at more risk of being vandalized or stolen when parked on the street.

The insurance provider

The insurance provider you get your cover from will obviously be a big deciding factor in how much you pay too. Because of this, it's always recommended that you get as many quotes as possible if you want to save money on car insurance.… Read more

Running a motor trade business can be a great way to make a living.

If you're ever considered but weren't sure where to start then below are some of the main things you need to consider -

The type of business you want to run

There are many types of businesses that operate in the motor trade, from car showrooms to auction houses and MOT garages. When it comes to the type of business you want to run, you should think about where your strengths lie and what you have experience in. A lot of people get started in the motor trade by buying and selling cars. This makes sense since you don't necessarily need to have any prior experience and you can even do this without a premises when you're first starting out.

If you want to do something that requires technical expertise such as repairing or modifying cars, then you'll of course need the right experience and know-how.

Getting the right insurance

A vitally important aspect of running a motor trade business in the UK is having the right cover in place. The main types of cover you can get for a motor trade business are road risks, public liability, premises cover and cover for your tools, stock and cash. You can get motor trade insurance quotes online from sites such as https://www.traders-insurance.com

You are able to get cover for all of the above by getting a combined motor trade insurance policy. Traders-insurance.com combined motor trade insurance cover service enables you to get combined traders insurance quotes from different providers very easily.

Getting a good premises

Another thing you need to think about when starting a motor trade business is getting the right premises. Choosing a good business premises is vital and can be the difference between success and failure. Ideally a premises should be located in a good area, be a good size and be affordable, whether you choose to rent or buy.

Finding good help

Unless you plan to operate a business that you can run on your own then you'll need to find good help. Hiring people for your motor trade business requires to consider a few key things. Firstly and most obviously is the attitude and skills of any potential employees. In addition to having the right skills and experience, you also want to think about things from an insurance perspective. Ideally any staff you hire would be over 25 and have a clean driving and criminal record.… Read more

If you drive a black cab for a living then you need to make sure you're protected by getting the right type of insurance.

Below is a guide to black cab insurance as well as some excellent ways to save money.

Types of cover

Below are the main types of cover you can get with a black cab insurance policy.

  • Third party only - Third party only is the lowest level of cover you need in order for your taxi to be road legal. It doesn't provide any protection for your own vehicle if you're to blame for a crash so this is something to bear in mind. This is the cheapest type of cover you can get.
  • Third party, fire and theft - If you want to add more protection to a third party policy then you can get fire and theft cover included.
  • Fully comprehensive - A fully comprehensive policy will provide the most protection since it will cover your vehicle even for accidents where you're to blame. Comprehensive insurance typically includes fire and theft cover as standard.
  • Public liability - Public liability claims are something that taxi drivers must always be covered for. If a member of public were to be injured or killed as a result of your actions then a liability claim could easily follow. You can also have legal expenses included.
  • Breakdown assistance - Another very useful type of insurance you can have included in a black cab insurance policy is breakdown assistance. When you rely on your vehicle to make a living, it's extremely important that should you break down, you're able to get back on the road as soon as possible.

Ways you can save money

  • Pay for the policy upfront - A lot of black cab drivers will pay for their insurance on a monthly basis in order to spread the cost. Although this makes sense, you can save money on the overall cost of the policy by choosing to pay annually instead since most insurers will offer you a good discount for doing this.
  • Increase excess - Excess is the amount you'd pay towards a claim should you need to make one. Increasing the excess on your policy will reduce the cost of the policy premium.
  • Shop around - One of the most reliable ways to save money on black cab insurance is by getting quotes from a lot of different insurance providers. The good news is that getting a lot of quotes is easier than ever thanks to the internet.
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The courier industry is notoriously competitive and only the most efficient businesses survive. If you run a courier firm and feel like your business could be performing better then you should find the tips below extremely useful.

1. Use the internet to bring in new customers

Given how prevalent the internet has become, it's very surprising just how underutilised it is by a lot of businesses. There are countless ways you can advertise your courier firm online, from social media to paid advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. The great thing about advertising online is that you can be very specific with who you target so if you're trying to get more customers in a certain age range or area of the country then this is certainly possible.

2. Don't neglect real world advertising

As useful as online advertising is, there's still plenty to be said for real world advertising methods such as leaflet marketing and print advertisements. Print adverts in trade magazines and literature that's aimed at online sellers can be an excellent way to attract new customers.

3. Hire reliable drivers

Hiring reliable drivers can help you increase profits in a couple of ways. Firstly having reliable drivers that know how to deal with customers well will help to boost the reputation of your business and ultimately this could easily lead to a larger customer base and increased profits. Secondly, reliable drivers are less likely to be involved in collisions or other incidents and therefore you can save money on insurance.

4. Get a better deal on insurance

Another very reliable way to increase profits in your courier firm is to look for a better deal on insurance. There are many excellent sites where you can get courier insurance quotes from Clean Green Compare. Such sites make getting courier insurance quotes very quick and easy so there's no reason not to do this since it could save you a good deal of money.

5. Make your business stand out

There are many ways you can make your business stand out from the competition. Something as seemingly simple as a good business name can make a big difference to your success. Branding in general is something you should invest in if you want to make your business unique and appealing. In addition to this you should also ensure that you offer and excellent service that customers can rely on.… Read more