DeltaXML Announces DITA Compare’s FrameMaker Plugin

DeltaXML Logo Bringing greater flexibility to writers authoring and reviewing DITA content in FrameMaker, DeltaXML is pleased to announce our DITA Compare FrameMaker Plugin.

Working in co-operation with Adobe, this latest development from DeltaXML represents the next step in supporting highly flexible and specialised DITA comparisons within Adobe FrameMaker itself.

The Plugin has a variety of features designed to support authors and reviewers of DITA content. These features include word by word differencing, CALS and HTML table processing as well as both DITA and FrameMaker tracked changes as output types.

"The creation of this FrameMaker Plugin is an integral part of DeltaXML's growing desire to support content creation, peer collaboration and comparison processes through the integration with editing platforms commonly used by our users" explains Philip Fearon, lead designer of the FrameMaker project.

This plugin is being offered to both trial and fully licensed users of DeltaXML's highly successful DITA comparison tool, DITA Compare.

For more information regarding DITA Compare's FrameMaker Plugin please visit or trial DITA Compare today at