Billion’s M2M Fleet Management and Outdoor 4G LTE solutions were presented at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015

Taipei, Taiwan - The GSMA's largest-ever mobile industry event, Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWC), attracted more than 35,000 attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and press/analysts from all over the world. During the event, Billion's outdoor fixed wireless 4G LTE CPE equipment, fleet tracking and in-vehicle telematics system were showcased by Sierra Wireless, who has announced Billion to become its official partner in Asia.

During the event, Sierra Wireless, the globally well known M2M/IoT and networking communication modules supplier, presented Billion/BEC's M2M and outdoor fixed wireless networking solutions along with the company's introduction. BEC (Billion Electric Corporation) Technologies was named as one of the top selling outdoor fixed wireless LTE brands in the U.S.A in 2015. Billion's LTE ODU delivers superior 4G LTE performance by featuring maximum wireless service coverage and ultra broadband transmission speed. Integrated the ruggedized and IP67 industrial-grade designs, Billion's fixed SIM embedded M2M wireless router is distinctively water and dust proof and can serve under extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 60°C.

Besides, Billion provides a comprehensive network solution serving a variety of mission critical and vertical markets, especially in telematics and fleet management, emergency and public safety, and industrial and energy automation. Billion launched an innovative M2M router series, embedded with GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and Dual LTE/ SIMs, provides a total remote monitoring system to control vehicles and enhance the streamline operations among public safety agencies. Cooperating with the BEC's Fleet Management cloud-based platform, this M2M series can monitor vehicle status to detect slowing or stopping motions, fatigued driving, and largely reduce the responding time through the provided onboard diagnostics (OBD).

"We deliver secure, reliable wireless connectivity to places where were not possible to reach with the traditional infrastructure. Utilizing the 4G LTE and broadband technologies, we offer multimedia communications, such as surveillance, streamlining videos, and real-time voice exchange to help our partners speed up their decision-making process with the visual and audio collaborations", said William Lee, Senior Product Line Manager at Billion's Networking Division. "Leveraging 4G LTE's broadened wireless coverage, Billion's 4G LTE M2M series can deliver scalable connectivity to rural geographic locations, rough terrains, and harsh environments without interruptions."

About Billion
Billion Electric Co., Ltd. (, taiex: 3027) is a global ICT solution and networking CPE provider. We are motivated to create the innovative technologies to enhance live and the environment through placing ourselves as a sustainable corporation and a service-oriented partner. Billion's over 900 employees are committed to providing the optimal values and the quality of products to our current and future customers.