Autologic expands into rapidly growing ‘advanced generalist’ sector of aftermarket repairers

Leading European-brand vehicle diagnostics experts introduces new service and device platform to help non-specialist independent workshops go from fault-to-fix, fast

28 May 2015 – Oxford, England and New York, United States Autologic Diagnostics (‘Autologic’) today announced its new Autologic Assist ‘fix and support’ system created to serve the needs of advanced generalist repairers of complex European cars. Assist combines Autologic’s proven and completely updated support service with a next generation diagnostics device platform called AssistPlus and access to third-party online diagnostic support tools and services. AssistPlus builds on Autologic’s long track record of success with its previous blue box device. Taken together, Assist and AssistPlus give independent workshops a comprehensive integrated system, to fix cars faster and more profitably.

Autologic - New Logo

Autologic - New Logo

In recent research, Autologic discovered that as many as 1 in 4 vehicles resist correct diagnosis and repair. These hard to fix ‘problem cars’ reduce workshop profits and lead to backlogs that damage customer satisfaction. It is estimated that problem cars can cost workshops up to an hour of wasted workshop time each day, which equates to £16,500/US$24,750 [1] a year of lost business.

In many ways, today’s cars are really more like computers on wheels. With hundreds of inter-dependent electronic systems and components, repairing vehicles with this level of complexity creates major problems for independents that are more used to dealing with mechanical, rather than electrical issues.

Autologic Assist was created to help the vast majority of independent advanced generalist workshops to diagnose and repair modern, premium brand European cars. Assist enables those independents to diagnose and repair more vehicles, more efficiently thereby increasing billable hours and potential revenue as well as helping to better manage cost control.

“Assist and AssistPlus in combination marks a real breakthrough in aftermarket diagnostics,” said James Bagan, Sales and Marketing Director at Autologic. “Right from the company’s beginnings in 1999, we set the benchmark for what OEM-like diagnostics could deliver to the aftermarket brand specialist. Now, we’re the first company to deliver a solution that enables advanced generalist workshops to compete by delivering a far more complete approach to diagnosing and fixing today’s complex European cars in the form of Autologic Assist.”

The Autologic Assist system consists of six major components:

  • An industry-first integrated fix and support service for European-brand vehicles
  • Access to the expertise of over 50 OEM-trained Assist Expert Technicians across major brands
  • Next generation, cloud-connected diagnostics device called AssistPlus with video and online remote assistance
  • OEM Pass Through dongle included in the package
  • Suite of new AssistOnline tools to register issues, book appointments, track repairs and bill for diagnostics*
  • Full software support and vehicle updates for the duration of the contract

Bagan explained: “If advanced generalist workshops are to keep pace with main dealers, they need a critical combination of three things: Access to OEM-trained expertise, technology and vehicle information.

“With Assist and AssistPlus, we’re delivering an unrivalled combination of OEM-trained expert technicians, advanced, cloud-connected diagnostics and access to the best online vehicle repair information sources on the market today. Now, you no longer need to guess the cause of a problem, just sign up for Assist and we’ll help you go from fault-to-fix, fast,” he added.


Notes to Editors

  • Pricing: Each Autologic Assist service contract is priced at £1,200 (UK) per year / $1,920 (US) [2] and the Autologic AssistPlus diagnosis device costs £8,000 (UK) / $12,800 (US) and comes pre-loaded with diagnostic software for premium European car lines:
    • Brand support - UK: BMW, Mercedes, VAG, Jaguar, Land Rover, Peugeot, Renault, Citroen and Volvo.
    • Brand support – US: BMW, Mercedes, VAG, Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo.
    • Note: All prices correct on 19th May 2015.
    • Important: Customers are required to take out one Assist contract per workshop regardless of how many AssistPlus devices they own.
  • *Features available at launch: As a new service and product, Assist and AssistPlus capability will come on stream from May 2015. We will publish when new features will be available for customers to use.
  • Media Contacts: Jonathan Brayshaw, Original (Agency). +44 7590 570680.
  • Additional Resources: Additional information is available at:
  • Promotions: We are currently running a launch promotion for new customers. More details can be found at: Existing customers should also contact us for favourable trade-in deals and new device offers.

[1] This saving calculation is based on a £60/US$90 average hourly billing rate. So a saving of £60/US$90/EUR 55 per day amounts to an annual saving of £16,500/$24,750 per year based on a typical working week of 5.5 days (Autologic Commissioned Research, 2015).
[2] Advanced generalist workshops are defined as the workshops that deal with all the major European car lines. This segment sits between the single-brand specialists and the generalist workshops.